EX-MECH Mobile Mod Base Playset


In a postapocalyptic time, the A.C.I.D. (Artificial Combat Intelligence Defense) Squad is tasked with creating special tech and vehicles to protect against all threats to mankind… especially attacks from B.E.T.A. (Battle Enhanced Tactical Androids), a fleet of deadly bots gone rogue! The EX-MECH Mobile Mod Base is called into action whenever the A.C.I.D. team need heavy power to stop the onslaught of B.E.T.A. bots.  Place the poseable action figure inside the mobile command center, push the button, and the action begins. The EX-MECH marches forward, unafraid of any opponent. Weapons are powerless against it, as bullets merely bounce off its mighty frame! It can also withstand the extreme heat of lasers, explosives, and any firepower the B.E.T.A. bots use against it! It can also break through barricades as needed. Press the button for flashing lights and rescue sounds. Comes with two poseable A.C.I.D. action figures.  




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