Mega MABOBLOKZ 011 (Battery Operated)


Product Highlights

     ▪ Multiple marbles and multi-level play

     ▪ Dual rocking elevator and black hole features

     ▪ Spinning discs and turning gears

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our MaBoRun toys are designed to inspire your kids' curiosity, learning, and education while delivering fun-filed, action-packed excitement! The combination of rolling steel balls, gears, levels, tracks, obstacles, and the motor provides an endlessly entertaining way for children to explore mechanics, energy, and movement. It's an all-out free-for-all frenzy with this Mega Marble set with action that never stops! Load multiple marbles into the rock 'n roll elevator. It shakes and rattles, and the marbles roll! They zoom out into multiple directions. Up and down ramps, through loop-de-loops, into trap doors, and traveling along flip-flop and vortex tracks, you never know where the marbles will end up. Just watch out for the black hole that loves to swallow up marbles! There's also a vericle elevator for the marbles to climb. You can grab marbles off the track and place them wherever you'd like to start the fun all over again! The motor and gear system is in full view. MaBoRun toys help children develop planning, observation, and problem-solving skills. As kids roll the balls through the sets, a series of cause-and-effect payoffs leads to surprise and delight, and smiles for miles!

      ▪ Build your own exciting marble run with easy assembly and no glue required

      ▪ Includes 10 glass beads and 151 track set pieces

      ▪ Helps teach science concepts including speed, heights, gravity, cause and effect

      ▪ Multiple levels of play with motorized gear, elevator, and spinning disc features

      ▪ Requires two LR14 (C) batteries (not included)


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