MorphoZor Eradicator Playset


In a postapocalyptic time, the ACID (Artificial Combat Intelligence Defense) Squad is tasked with creating special tech and vehicles to protect against all threats to mankind… especially attacks from BETA (Battle Enhanced Tactical Androids), a fleet of deadly bots gone rogue! Among these special inventions are the MorphoZor convertible vehicles, designed to lead the charge and help the ACID team prevail against BETA bots. The impenetrable eradicator command truck is designed to roll over everything in its path and includes a claw catcher to slice through the trickiest barriers. It’s the perfect weapon to combat the BETA bots! Should the mammoth ground vehicle get stuck, there’s nothing to fear. Just flip forward the weapons firing station on top to uncover the stealth spy plane, ready for takeoff to shock and awe the BETA bots! There are flip-open features including the front hood, side door, and back ramp. Roll the mini-ATV onto the back ramp – figures fit on the seat! You can also place a poseable action figure behind the firing station to engage the enemy.  




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