MorphoZor K9 Rover Bot Playset


In a postapocalyptic time, the BETA (Battle Enhanced Tactical Androids) bots are created to protect mankind. However, a mysterious computer virus floods their systems, scrambles their programming, and turns them into a rogue force against humanity! Can the ACID (Artificial Combat Intelligence Defense) Squad that created the BETA bots contain and stop the threat?!  The K-9 Rover Bot is a fierce opponent to the ACID team. It can secretly infiltrate ACID strongholds and sabotage plans to stop the BETA bots! It becomes even more stealth when it transforms into a robot dog, able to creep into the tightest spots and not be detected due to its spindly legs. Pretend the included poseable BETA Ground Force bot is a decoy droid used to fool the ACID forces and throw them off the K-9 bot’s trail. Includes additional accessories and weapons.



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