MorphoZor Patrol Bot Playset


In a postapocalyptic time, the ACID (Artificial Combat Intelligence Defense) Squad is tasked with creating special tech and vehicles to protect against all threats to mankind… especially attacks from BETA (Battle Enhanced Tactical Androids), a fleet of deadly bots gone rogue! Among these special inventions are the MorphoZor convertible vehicles, designed to lead the charge and help the ACID team prevail against BETA bots. One of the ACID agents, master strategist Haruto Stone is heading up the defense. Just when the BETA bots think they have the ACID agent beat, you can spring the ultimate surprise! This ready-for-battle poseable Haruto action figure is on the move in his rugged ATV. Deflecting the barrage of fire against it, the ATV mounts a formidable defense, but the BETA bot’s firepower is just too much. Fear not! Just convert the buggy to a walking patrol bot and victory is assured!  Includes additional accessories and weapons.



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