Ocean Animal Playset


If you want to stay off the menu, stay out of the water when these fierce creatures are swimming around! Be sure to steer clear of the great white shark. It’s not only the largest predatory fish but can also swim at swift speeds and has a mouthful of 300 razor-sharp teeth! Just because it is smaller than the great white shark, the hammerhead is just as much of a threat. Its serrated teeth are adept at shredding the pretty it detects using the sensors inside its hammer-shaped head. Despite their flattened appearance, take a closer look at the stingray and you’ll be able to tell that it’s related to sharks, too! Meanwhile, if you inflated a stingray it might look like an anglerfish. It definitely has extremely sharp teeth like sharks! Move the jaws on the great white and hammerhead sharks to make them chomp. Also includes a smaller shark.




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