SPIDA Cannon Playset


In a postapocalyptic time, the BETA (Battle Enhanced Tactical Androids) bots are created to protect mankind. However, a mysterious computer virus floods their systems, scrambles their programming, and turns them into a rogue force against humanity! Can the ACID (Artificial Combat Intelligence Defense) Squad that created the BETA bots contain and stop the threat?!  One of the most impenetrable yet agile of the rogue mechs is the SPIDA (Stealth Pulse Ionic Detonator Action) Cannon! The ACID squad won’t know what hit them as this multi-legged assault vehicle speeds, careens, jumps, and glides in any direction needed to inflict harm. Press the buttons to fire weapons, see flashing lights, shoot projectiles, and hear battle sounds! The enemies of the BETA bots will be caught in a web of trouble when they face off against the SPIDA Cannon! Includes a poseable ACID agent action figure, ready to do battle against the Spida.




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