Ultimate Convoy Playset


The Dino Valley Response Team has sent two of its bravest members out into the canyon to catch the huge T-Rex there! The duo also encounters a couple of other dinosaurs while on their mission, so it won’t be easy to bring the specimens back for study. Thankfully, they brought the Capture and Cage Truck. It’s equipped with a telescope so that the teammates can easily spot the dinosaurs wherever they may be. Insert the capture net and press the button to launch it toward the dinosaurs! Deploy the glider plane on top and shoot the net for taller dinos. Press the button on the T-Rex to see its eyes light up in a rage as it lets out a terrifying roar! The truck has special restraints that can be placed on the Rex so it can be placed in the truck and transported back to Dino Valley headquarters. The adventures never end in Dino Valley! Includes two poseable action figures.




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