Quick Rescue Squad Playset


When it comes to saving others, the RESCUE FORCE team doesn't waste time. As soon as a distress signal goes out, they race to the rescue to save the day! Fire Capt. Brock has been called to help tackle wildfires, and to save accident-prone Ricky, who's in trouble again! He'll need his all-terrain land cruiser to navigate over rough terrain! Fit Brock inside the vehicle behind the steering wheels, and pretend he's transporting rescue supplies on the flatbed hitched to the ATV. There are additional firefighting tools to mount to the front of the vehicle, too! Agent Chambers is working sea patrol. Sit him in the cockpit and rotate the motor and gunner unit. Chambers is ready to save anyone from a boat accident, swimming mishap or other dangers. Vehicles are freewheeling so you can roll the heroes wherever the adventure takes them. Do your RESCUE FORCE duty by helping Brock and Chambers succeed in their missions!



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