The Witch Pirate Ship


Prince Hamidi is on a treacherous quest. The sea witch told him of bountiful treasure, but to get it, he'll have to journey through haunted waters! He's boarded a ghost ship and along with first mate Remi is ready to face down all fearsome foes including a phantom pirate and scary squid. Keep a lookout in the crow's nest, blast the spooky threats with cannon fire, take strategic position in secret compartments beneath the hull of the ship. Free-wheeling ship can be rolled along, and features authentic details including glow-in-the dark netting, trapdoors and ghastly figurehead. Includes two pirate figures, squid with posable tentacles, glow-in-the-dark ghost pirate, treasure, weapons and other accessories.



- 2 Figures, 1 Pirate Ship, 1 Squid and Other Accessories

- Cannon with projectile function and removable in everywhere, skeleton and string glow in dark and squid tentacles with mechanical movement

Product details

SKU: 505211

Age Suitability: Age 3+

Packaging  Dimensions (L x W x H):

18 x 4.5 x 14 inches

45.72 x 11.43 x 35.56 cm

Length of Pirates Ship: 18 inches / 45.72 cm


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